Located on the northern slopes of the Rila Mountain, right at the foot of Musala peak at an altitude of 1,300 m, Borovets is known as the biggets mountain resort in Bulgaria. Borovets is easily accessible from all parts of Bulgaria and it is only 70 km away from the city of Sofia.

The climate in the resort is soft, the winter is mild with plenty of snowfall. The average temperature in January – the coldest month of the year, is about 4,8 ° C. The ski season normally starts in mid December and ends in April.

The resort offers excellent opportunities for winter sports: alpine skiing, snowboarding, ski running, freestyle, freeride and ski touring.

With stunning winter landscapes, bright sunny skies and a total of 24 ski trails, Borovets boasts over 58 km of ski runs in impeccable mountain terrain. The trails are designed for all levels of difficulty and load, equally suitable for beginners, experts and everyone in between.

Ski zones

Ski center Sitniakovo

Ski center Sitniakovo – Central Borovets – ranging between 1350-1780 m. in altitude, its snow production system services an overall 2.500 ha of ski runs. This is also the night skiing center of the resort, available across eight trails with electrical lighting – Iglika, Rila, Martinovi Baraki 1,2,3 and 4, Rotata and the lower section of Sitniakovo ski way. Located here, is also one of the two freestyle parks in the resort – Promo Park Borosport – in front of the Rila hotel. 

Yastrebetz ski center

Yastrebetz ski center – ranging between 1340-2369 m. in altitude, its snow production system services Popangelov (former Yastrebetz 2), Yastrebetz 3 and the lower section of Yastrebetz 1 trails, on an overall 2.500 ha area. In the upper section of Popangelov run is the second freestyle park in Borovets – Snow Park Borosport.

Ski center Markudjik

Ski center Markudjik – ranging between 2144-2550 m. in altitude, the center is equipped with an innovative snow fence system, which prevents snow loss in windy weather. In high season, the snow cover here reaches 2 m. providing excellent opportunities for freeride or extreme riding. 

For more information:

Click here for: Popangelov ski run (Webcam)


Ski information

  • Resort altitude: 1300 m
  • Highest skiing point: 2560 m
  • Marked ski runs: 58 km
  • Longest ski run: 12 km
  • Slopes directions: С, СЗ, З
  • Cross-country ski runs: 35 km
  • Biathlon facilities
  • Borosport Snow Park

The weather